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BreastBra XXXL - unique extra large silicone breasts in open bra

BreastBra XXXL - unique extra large silicone breasts in open bra
Unique and most wonderful big large silicone breasts, Red Rose BreastBra XXXL, breasts in exposed lace bra, white, beige, red or black, available bandsizes are S, M, L
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description: BreastBra XXXL - unique extra large silicone breasts in open bra
Unique BreastBra XXXL
Extra large most realistic silicone breasts
in exposed lace bra
Red Rose Big BreastBra XXXL

Absolutely marvelous design and look is presented with this real large BreastBra breast forms!
Due to a special technologie the normal weight of this size, breast forms could have been reduced to only 6.6lbs / 3 kg in total - this means you do have a very light and comfortable breast form bra which has only got a total weight of 6.6lbs / 3 kg at the end - but you can achieve a J-Cup easily.
This leightweight version helps a lot to prevent backache and shoulderache, and all you have to do is to enjoy the feeling of having a perfect natural looking pair of breasts.
The movement and the sense is not to distinguish from a natural breast, and it is ever so easy to handle: Just slip into it and feel good!
The silicone breast forms are attached in the bra by a Velcro-System, which means you can take the forms off without any problem and wash the bra when neccessary. The RedRose BreastBra is the best alternative to glue attachment and you will be amazed how it allows a full extension of the breast forms and how you will achieve a more than sexy look of your cleavage while wearing this marvelous, absolutely natural looking silicone breast in open bra.
It bounces and jiggles like real breasts and creates a realistic transition of the breast form to the chest so that is it almost impossible to differentiate the breast form from a natural breast. I'm certain you will love it!
The exposed very large lace bra can be ordered as single item in different colours as well, which gives you the opportunity of having wonderful outfits all the time.
Measurements with bra (without bra):
length = 10,2"(8,7") / 26cm(22)cm   width = 8,9"(7,3") / 22,5cm(18,5)cm   height = 7,1"(6,3") / 18cm(16)cm
You can get this fantastic article in three different band sizes:
Band size 34"- 37"       (87cm-94cm)      = "S"
Band size 37"- 40,5"    (95cm-103cm)    = "M"
Band size 40,5"- 43,5" (104cm-110cm)  = "L"
and in 4 different colours: white, beige, red and black.
material properties: 
bra 85% polyamide, 15% lycra
breast forms 100% silicone with PU-cover

big silicon breast in open bra

large silicon breast

BreastBra XXXL white

BreastBra XXXL beige

long lasting PU-cover of these silicone breasts

large silicon breasts in black bra

... the fastening technology of these silicone breasts ...

 fastening technology of these big silicone breasts 

rear view of these large silicone breasts

... as well the suitable underwear required ?
Lingerie AmoLuxury Showstar
Do you want to be advised with regard to correct size for BreastBra XXXL - unique extra large silicone breasts in open bra ? We certainly love to help you in any circumstance !

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Do you have any further question about this article ( BreastBra XXXL - unique extra large silicone breasts in open bra ) ? We certainly love to help you in any circumstance !
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