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Silicone breasts, size E

Wonderful silicone boobs, self-adhesive, super light silicone mixture, cup-size of the breasts "E", tear drop shape, with brown or nude adhesive nipples

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description: Silicone breasts, size E

 Self-adhesive silicone breasts cup "E"

extra light silicone mixture

with nude or brown nipples

Made of high quality extra-light silicone those boobs are great if you are looking for something not too expensive, self-adhesive and still authentic.

The breasts are covered by a PU-outerskin, the nipples are seperate so that you can place them wherever you prefer them to be and they are self-adhesive too.

The silicone breasts are treated with a very special glue, and therefore can be worn with, or without bra. The adhesive is really strong enough to keep them against your chest. When you think they should be cleaned, you can wash them with mild soap and warm water, and let them dry properly- after that the adhesive re-activates itself, and this works for a lot of times. The silicone breast form can be washed and used 100 of times. The adhesive regenerates itself instantly once dry after you cleaned them! This means no extra cost on special adhesives! 

When the glue loses its adhesive power, you can replace it on your own with our renewal kit.
Please make sure, that you do not get in contact with cremes, oils or any lotions as this would destroy it. If anyhow possible, please remove as well the hairs on your chest! ;-))
A real good choice to start of with as they are bouncy, do touch like a real breast and they are easy and quick to apply and to remove. You do not need any extras for removal. Just tear them off and clean your skin with soap and water.

The weight of each breast only is 580g, one pair is 1160g / 2,4lbs. !

Length = 8,65" / 22cm - Width = 5,9" / 15cm - Height = 2,4" / 6cm based on the longest and broadest place in each case.

Nothing can compare to the soft and natural shape of this wonderful silicone breast form! Only you will know they`re there!

Perfect as well for Crossdressers, Post op mastectomy, Transgendered, Transvestites and everybody else who wants a wonderful breast-shape and enhancement.

Silicone breasts size "E" with brown nipples 



Silicone breasts size "E" with nude nipples



... as well the suitable underwear required ?

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