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Your very personal store for silicone breast forms, push up panties, v-panties, pumps, over-sizes and much more... we make your dreams come true !

Special-Trade, Email: info(at)special-trade.deIt is important to us, that we try to find the right product for your transformation - no matter if you are a transvestite, transgender, crossdresser or any kind of human being that needs help. Certainly we welcome as well any woman, who is dreaming of having a larger cup size and may plan a surgery, but is not yet certain which cup size will be the correct one for you.
With us you can find perfect replica of silicone breasts and beautiful silicone bosoms in all imaginable designs and sizes. For ideal female body shaping we offer FemLine, padded panties and push-up panties as well as corsets and cinchers or our vagina panties.
Besides we have especially tailored womens underwear series, lingerie and dresses as well as tights and suspender belts for men. Lots of other implements and accessories for your perfect transformation, for example womens shoes in oversize upto size 47, wigs, professional cosmetics and make-up, fingernails and lashes, earring adapters and adhesives round our stock.
We are available for you any time for a personal consultation at the indicated times. No matter if on the phone, via email or with a visit in our showroom. We'll be glad to help you choose the right selection. And please no fear or scruples - there is no question, which isn't important to us to be answered. Whatever it might be, talk to us and we will try to help you as good as possible.
Please do not get mad if we don't answer as quickly as usual outside our normal business hours, we are only humans, too ;-) ... but we will try to reply as fast as possible. If an item does not fit or is not as expected by you, you certainly may exchange or return the item, as long as it is unworn.

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FemLine - Ultimate Female Body - perfect silicone suit

The most efficient way of changing to female gender within a couple of minutes, just slip in and enjoy the realistic feminize shape of a perfect female body - become a perfect woman!

Divine Collection Aphrodite - nearly like REAL breasts

Aphrodite breast forms - nearly like REAL breasts, self-adhesive, made by hand-craft, No-Membrane Technology


"Jeunesse" - young ladies' breast forms

Jeunesse - perfectly shaped breast, like any woman would choose if she could just select - with nipples that show into the direction of the "sky". Sizes C, D, F, H, J

Silicone Breast Bra Trans-Bra Full

Trans-Bra "Full" - wonderful silicone transgender breasts - you don't need any adhesives - these breasts are the bra - breast sizes C, D, F, H - available band sizes xS, S, M, L


Breast forms in open bra

realistic breast forms in exposed lace bra, most wonderful BreastBra by Red Rose, available breast form sizes C, D, F, H, different band-sizes S, M, L, bra colours white, beige, red or black

Amolux »Diamond Deluxe«, self-adhering breast forms

Like a dream - silicone breast forms DIAMOND DELUXE by Amolux, self adhering - perfect fit, high quality ultra soft medical silicone, perfect replication of a biological breast, "Made in Germany"


Extra Elderly Breast - the breast for "girls" aged 40+

Extra Elderly Breast - the breast for "girls" aged 40 plus. These breast forms have a slightly hanging shape and also the nipples are correspondingly set a bit lower down.

Ultimate Skin-Torso

Ultimate Skin-Torso - breast forms, that could not look any better - just as real ones, lifelike moulded in nipples


Natural hanging breasts

Slightly natural hanging breasts, "Super Natural" by Red Rose, available breast sizes C, D, F, H, J, with fawn or dark brown lifelike nipples, they do feel like real natural breasts

Breast Prostheses Ultra-Soft

Red Rose Ultra-Soft, the most wonderful breast prostheses you can find - as soft as an authentic breast, cup sizes "B" to "H", triangle or tear drop shape, with or without nipples


Silicone breast forms

Perfect silicone breast forms Red-Rose "Classic" teardrop and triangle shape, very huge selction of breast sizes and nipples, nearly 150 different combinations of breast-forms with most realistic attributes

Samara - the perfect breast shape

Silicone breasts "Samara", as breast inlays or self-adhesive breasts, with or without nipples, silicone mixture freely selectable


Divine Collection Venus - breast forms - the perfect way to live your secret

Venus - silicone breast forms, ultra self-adhesive, TOP-Class breast forms, made by hand-craft