Dreamlike breast forms DIAMOND

Like a dream - silicone breast forms DIAMOND by Amolux, self adhering - perfect fit, high quality ultra soft medical silicone, perfect replication of a biological breast, "Made in Germany"

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Amolux diamond silicone breast forms presented by Jasmin Winter (in german)

description: Dreamlike breast forms DIAMOND

Silicone breast forms DIAMOND

... like a dream ...

self adhering - perfect fit

high quality ultra soft medical silicone

perfect replication of a biological breast

"Made in Germany"

Amolux - perfect luxury - Made in Germany

pure luxury ... just for you





This is a self adhering, asymmetrical shaped breast from, which can be worn especially well, if your underchest is not that wide. Due to the unique adhesive pattern, it gives you the feeling of tension on your skin and makes them feel as if they are a part of yourself. The backside is concave and fits all body types and molds to your chest for a perfect fit. Made of ultra soft medical grade silicone, each DIAMOND breast form has got the weight of a natural breast according to cup size and so the breast forms do have a very natural movement and bounce - just as if they are biological ones.
Due to the direct skin contact, they do warm up to body temperature to give a perfect natural feeling. Even if somebody touches, they will not note the difference to real boobs. 

The unique adhesive gives you the opportunity to wear them without any extra messy glues or sprays. If you do select very huge ones, we do recommend to wear a bra additionally to make sure you are protected against loss in any circumstances. 
If you do want to wear them as non adhesive version, only attach the enclosed protective sheet and you can use them as normal breast forms.
It's a dream of a breast form that will give you a lot of pleasure while wearing. 

Breast Forms DIAMOND, available sizes

Breast size Model single breast weight (lbs/g)
weight of a  pair (lbs/g)
length  (inch/cm)
height (inch/cm)
4 Diamond 0.52 lbs 236 g
1.04 lbs
472 g
15,5 cm
13 cm
5 cm
6 Diamond 0.84 lbs 378 g 1.68 lbs 756 g
18 cm
15 cm
6 cm
8 Diamond 1.2 lbs 538 g 2.4 lbs 1076 g
20 cm
17 cm
7 cm
10 Diamond 1.69 lbs 760 g 3.38 lbs 1520 g
22 cm
18,5 cm
8 cm
12 Diamond
2.25 lbs 
1014 g
4.5 lbs 2028 g
24 cm
20,5 cm
9 cm
14 Diamond 2.88 lbs 1296 g 5.76 lbs 2592 g
26 cm
22 cm
10 cm
Your choice easy to handle
The DIAMOND do not have built in nipples, so you can select your personal favourite out of three different sizes and four different colours, to create your unique breast form. The nipples itself, are very very thin and self adhesive, so it touches like a seamless transition and you can change nipples all the time to make them look exactly perfect - for any occasion. For selecting your favourite nipple, please hit here (--> Amolux Nipples) - the choice of different nipples you can find further below on this site too. 


Included in your set:
1)  1 pair of breast forms DIAMOND in selected size

2) 1 contact set = cover pad for protection while storing or for wearing as non adhesive version

3) 1 precisely fitting padding - that the delicate self adhesive layer cannot be damaged - regardless of wether you take the breasts on trips or you just store your Amolux Diamond at home.


Please make sure, that you do clean your breasts each time you used them. Only put a drop of cleanser on the backside, take the special brush and then start with slightly rotary movements (incl. edges) until the cleanser starts to foam. After this, you only wash the forms with handwarm water and let them air dry. If it needs to be faster, you can dry them as well by using your hair dryer, but please make sure you only switch on level cold! Please always use the special brush as any other normal one would destroy the breast form contact area and they are no longer self adhering. Never use simple shampoo or any other cleaner as this would destroy contact area and interlayer. When you want to take off the Diamond breast form, we do recommend to grab the form in full and slightly press together while taking it off - please never start to pull from cleavage and then go into direction of shoulder or arm, this might cause damage! Take as well care, that the surfaces to not stick together. If it happens that the surface agglutinates together, please do not discerp! Better try to dispense while holding under warm water and then tear gently.


The modell "Diamond" is a dream of silicone breast form, that will certainly fulfill all your expectations - without any compromise!
Quite the best at the end: On appropriate handling we do offer a 2 years warranty on the breast forms and 1 year warranty on adhesive



Amolux silicone breast forms DIAMOND front

Amolux silicone breast forms DIAMOND side view

Amolux silicone breast forms DIAMOND rear view



Breast forms DIAMOND - high quality and precious packaging

Packaging Amolux DIAMOND


Only available from us:
Your Amolux Diamond cannot be damaged while transporting with the convenient and precisely fitting padding!



The scope of delivery of your Amolux Diamond breasts.
This way your Amolux Diamond breasts are always safe and protected in their packaging.



Nipple selection (if you click on the picture, you will automatically be leaded to the whole range)

Nipple selection

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