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Amolux »Nature« Foam Breasts

Amolux »Nature« - beautiful light foam breasts with a mineral powder core and washable cover. Perfection »Made in Germany«.

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description: Amolux »Nature« Foam Breasts

Amolux »Nature«

Foam breasts

(1 pair)

Wonderfully light foam breasts
with mineral powder core and washable cover.
Perfection »Made in Germany«
Amolux - perfect luxury - Made in Germany

pure luxury ... just for you


Our Amolux »Nature« are beautiful light foam breasts with a core made of natural mineral powder. It is particularly suitable for wearing while sleeping or in leisure time when a silicone breast is not desired.

Its soft Comfort+ fabric on the back absorbs excess heat and releases it again when required, which enormously reduces sweating and feels particularly pleasant on the skin. The chest has a symmetrical shape and can therefore be worn on the left or right.

It is best to put it in a matching pocket bra. We have designed fantastically beautiful underwear for our »Amolux series«, where everything fits perfectly.

Our lingerie series is still handcrafted by a German tailor - so even here: perfection »Made in Germany«. Please click here for our german lingerie series

Care instructions:

The cover of our Amolux »Nature« is washable at a maximum of 30 degrees (please only hand wash). Please do not put in the tumble dryer. Please clean the foam breast itself only with a damp cloth and do not put it in water.

Please lay the cover flat to dry. As soon as the cover is dry, please turn it inside out, place the front of the cover on the front of the foam breast and then carefully pull the back of the cover over the breast.


- 1 pair of Amolux »Nature« foam breasts


- Weighted foam: polyurethane, barium sulfate (7727-43-7)
- Cover: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane

Size Weight single breast(app.)
Weight both breasts
Width (cm)
Length (cm)
Height (cm)
4 100g 200g 15 11.5 4
6 150g 300g 17 13 5
8 220g 440g 19 14.5 6
10 300g 600g 22 17 7
12 400g 800g 24 18 8
14 500g 1000g 25 20 9
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