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Artificial breasts with a natural feel and best finish

Lifelike Artificial Breasts

Artificial breasts are available in many different designs, shapes and materials.
Artificial breasts can be found in our Transgender-Shop in various shapes and sizes, so that a reconcilement to your wishes is possible. You can count on getting an artificial breast of immaculate quality. All our artificial breasts are made of the best silicone, so a long life is guaranteed.

Comfort and uncomplicated attachment

For optimal fit and comfort, there are different variants of attachment for the artificial breasts. The self-adhesive artificial breasts provide a secure fit and act like real breasts when worn. They feel pleasantly soft and natural.

Realistic artificial breasts - for all ages

In addition to the individual preferences for size, feel and shape, it is also possible for a particularly realistic appearance to select the breasts according to the own age. Hence there is an artificial breast, which is slightly hanging shaped and equipped with slightly inclined nipples. Just as we offer young breasts that stand a little more and feel tight and crisp.

With most of our artificial breast models, you can also choose whether you prefer them with or without nipples. The nipples have been incorporated true to nature in order to create a realistic result and a natural feel.

From an order value of 150 euros we send postage-free within Germany.

Beginner Models - Artificial breasts made of silicone and breast inlays

If you have not had any experience with artificial breasts yet but would like to try them out, our beginner models are a safe, good and also affordable choice.

Made of silicone, they are pleasantly soft and go hand in hand with a natural feel. Due to the low price for beginner models, you can find various artificial breasts with us and then decide in peace, which is the right version for you. Qualitatively, our beginner models only stay behind in a few points behind the high-class silicone breast forms our range. Thus, ideal to find an entry that does not leave a "hole" in one's finances.

Take a look around - let us advise you

If you have questions about the individual models, we are glad to advise you personally. The first time you buy artificial breasts, the uncertainty is certainly great. Which size and shape is the right one? What is the difference between the material versions and which quality standards are there? Simply use our experience and the related expertise and let us advise you comprehensively. We are happy to help you in choosing the right size of which your personal measurements are the most important thing, to achieve the desired result in the end .

It is important not to choose silicone breasts simply by their description as e.g. Cup B. Because what would result in one's B Cup, could only be another's A-Cup, due to the personal dimensions. You are welcome to use our diverse contact offers, we'll do everything to make it fit in the end - and you are happy and satisfied with your artificial breasts.

Our special service

Because we know from our own experience, how big the desire for natural breasts on one's own body is, we not only offer our advice and various high-quality, artificial breasts in our shop, but also offer a purchases with installment payments.