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Realistic breast prostheses in different shapes

Shop for breast prostheses

Are you looking for breast prostheses that convey a deceptively true image while at the same time captivating through the best quality? Then have a look around! You will surely find the right breast prostheses for every need. Our offers consist mainly of silicone breast forms and therefore have a pleasant natural haptic. They are easy to apply and remove. We only carry breast prostheses that are characterized by natural shape. Just choose between the variety of breast shapes according to your wishes.

Various breast sizes to choose from

If you are looking for a subtle prosthesis that conjures up a natural cleavage, our breast prostheses in the smaller sizes are certainly the right choice. If a small cup is not enough for you, you can find everything up to size K with us. Many of our breast prostheses are available with different nipple shapes. The available nipples differ by the tint and size of each other. Besides brown nipples with a large areola, you can choose from pink, large, small, very dominant nipples. Of course, various models are also available completely without nipples.

Fast delivery and optimal advice

Quality is not limited to the materials and the processing, but also includes our service. If you have questions about our artificial breasts, we are always happy to answer your questions by phone or email. We are happy to assist you in choosing the breast prostheses that are right for you, in order to find exactly what suits you and your wishes. If you have any doubts about the right item, feel free to contact us in advance instead of being disappointed, if you do not agree with the desired result! Contact us, we are very, very happy to help! In our showroom you can at any time, without an appointment, get an idea of our products, try them out and get advice on the spot. We process all incoming orders through our Transgender Webshop quickly, so you can rely on short delivery times, as long as the selected false breasts are stocked.