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We have noticed that from time to time the shopping cart "forgets" your items after you have typed in your billing address  m1.gif
For this reason we would like to ask you to print or copy your order, to be on the safe side, here and send it - if the problem occurs on the next site - to us via Email This will prevent you from having to type everything in again.
We will then take in your order manually and certainly send you a confirmation immediately. Please also give us your wishes regarding terms of payment (Prepayment to our bank-account, cash in registered letter, PayPal, Credit Card), shipment conditions and your address.
We are sorry, but sometimes the technology plays tricks on us, which aren't even funny in the slightest. We do hope that we will find a solution as soon as possible and thank you very much for your understanding.

Warmest regards, your


PS: If you delete the temporary files before your next visit on our shop website, the problem should be solved (if the problem ever occured with you)


Please print your cart here - to be on the safe side

Any question during ordering process?      .... we are surely there if you need us!
Personally by telephone +49 911 5285870
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