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False breasts for a wonderful look

False Breasts Online Shop

The right silicone bosom should not be missing, if you want perfect female upper body with pleasant curves.

The breast forms we offer have perfectly integrated nipples for a really lifelike result. You can use many of our breast prostheses and silicone breasts without further aids such as glue or the like. Many of our models are self-adhesive and you can still count on them to stay where they belong. With us you find high-end false breasts in excellent quality, which look more than close to the natural model.

Chose the right size

You can get your new false breasts in our Transgender Shop in different sizes. The smallest variant is cup A with a low overall weight. We also offer you our extra large breasts for special days and adventures. The weight of the false breasts increases with the cup size. The largest version weighs up to 17 or 22 kg. We also offer cups up to size J in teardrop form. Incidentally, our silicone breasts are made from the best materials. So you not only achieve a deceptively genuine imitation of the female bust, but you can also rely on a very pleasant look.

How do you use false silicone breasts?

One of the biggest strengths of our silicone breasts is the simple and fast handling.

Our Slip-On breasts are suitable regardless of the size of your upper body. There is a closure on, which ensures that the false breasts remain in the optimum position. This special closure gives you the ultimate in flexibility, because you can tailor the torso to your body and therefore ensure maximum comfort. Whether you decide on a model that you can wear like a bra, or whether you choose self-adhesive false breasts.

Your personal preference: select your shape 

That you get exactly the version of your false breast, we offer you our models in different varieties. You can opt for the version with round artificial breasts, but you can also choose the variant in teardrop shape (also slightly hanging available).