Female masks

Ultra-realistic female masks

Made in unique handcraft

To conjure a perfect and flawless face in a few minutes, that's what we all wish for, right? With our ultra-realistic female silicone masks we can fulfill this dream. Our beautiful masks are made in loving and professional handwork, and give you a gorgeous and ultra-feminine look within a very short time. You will not come out of amazement, we're sure.

The right kind for every taste

Our beautiful female masks are available in three versions: Our beautiful female masks are available in three versions: the sweet female mask Liza, the hot-blooded female mask Samantha und the charming, with slight southern complexion provided female mask Ildiko. Each of the masks fits perfectly to your face and does anything but look mask-like. The silicone is incredibly soft, flexible and feels absolutely realistic. The complexion could not be more perfect. We only usually dream of such pure and beautiful skin. Liza, Samantha and Ildiko will enchant you and immediately cast a spell on you, so it will probably not be too easy to decide between the models.

Let yourself be seduced

Immerse yourself in the world of perfection and let yourself be seduced by our extraordinary products. No matter if you want to be inspired in our showroom on site or in our online shop, we are certainly always there for you and show you our wonderful product world.

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