Female Mask Laura

description: Female Mask Laura

redrose-brand-marke.pngFemale Mask
by RedRose
With our new »Laura women's mask« by RedRose, we can introduce you to a real price-performance winner.
The delicately crafted mask made of soft silicone conjures up a perfectly made-up woman's face within seconds and is very comfortable to wear. Eating, drinking, laughing - Laura allows you to have a very natural everyday life.
Whether for anonymization, a quick transformation, or simply to quickly slip into a different role - Laura makes it possible in no time at all and is really pretty to look at.
You can easily cover visible transitions with a beautiful wig. So be sure to check out our great branded wigs for your perfect look.
Measurement table:

Head circumference: approx. 56 cm
Neck circumference: approx. 36 cm
Eye distance: about 4 cm
For hygiene reasons, women's masks cannot be exchanged or returned.
Please clean our mask carefully with lukewarm water and mild soap. Talcum or baby powder care for the mask during storage and prevent it from sticking together.







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