Female Mask Ildiko

Female Mask Ildiko, handmade in absolutely high quality, most realistic, unique, like a dream, handmade in absolutely high quality

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description: Female Mask Ildiko

Female Mask Ildiko
most realistic
unique, like a dream
handmade in absolutely high quality

This beautiful women's mask is especially suitable for those who naturally have a slightly darker skin tone. The pigmentation is infinitely lifelike, so the skin looks more than "real". Just as in every natural face there are little irregularities intentionally incorporated into the complexion,to give the most natural possible picture.

Even a subtle make-up is given, which allows you to use the mask also for a short usage without it seems unnatural and you would spend hours to put on your make up. The eyebrows are threaded in the silicone, so that they look quite real.

Of course, you can always apply your own, additional make-up and create your personal style. Whether lipstick, blush, kohl or eye shadow, you can use any colour which is in your favor. Just be careful not to use very "hard pens" they might hurt the fine skin of the mask.
All openings on nose, mouth and eyes are made in such a way that wearing is very comfortable without having the feeling you can`t breathe properly or see correctly. It is a very soft, comfortable silicone which allows complete freedom of movement, so you can eat, drink, talk and laugh in the normal way ...

It becomes even more natural if you attach these make with a specific skin glue (you can find our special glue set here) - this is not a "must", but a "can"! This glueing causes the mask to completely reproduce your facial expressions: You frown, move your eyebrows and the mask just goes along. Looks extremely real and is certainly worth the effort for special occasions. Of course, both the processed silicone, as well the skin glue very high quality, anti-allergenic and tested for human use.

Make-up removal works just as well as on your normal skin: cleansing milk, facial tissues, or whatever you normally use, is suitable for make-up removal. Please do not tug, tear and rub, but gently and treat with love.

This mask is lovingly handmade and it takes almost a month until such a single piece is finished. No cheap - often smelly commodity that can be found so often. Every detail is emphasized and it can not be compared with machine-made masks. No bulging seams that run across the head or awful eyelets with strings that then press on your head and always have to be concealed  ....

We are sure she will like you! It really took years for us to finally find something to do with it can offer a good conscience and we hope you are just as excited as we are! All openings on nose, mouth and eyes are made so that wearing is very comfortable without having to. You do not feel like you can breathe properly or see. It is a very soft, comfortable silicone which allows complete freedom of movement, so you can eat, drink, talk and laugh in the normal way ...

We have been searching long time before we took something into the program, now we are sure: our FemLine-masks do fit!

The pictures shown by us are examples of what you might look like.
Our masks have a nice, subtle and natural make-up right from the start.
The lips are "pre-painted" in a nice red color, some rouge and eye shadow decorate the mask as well.
You can let your creativity run wild and make up your mask and give it the look that you want.
The great thing is, you can put on new makeup every time you wear it, create new looks and reinvent yourself again and again.

The best way to style the super-realistic FemLine female masks is with our
brand wigs
cosmetics and make up products
contact lenses

Measurements table silicone mask Ildiko

head circumference: 55-59 cm
neck circumference: 32-42 cm
nose depth: 2-4 cm

For sanitary reasons, we regret that we are unable to accept female masks for return. This policy is standard with all vendors of female masks. 














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