Female Mask Liza

description: Female Mask Liza

Female Mask
Professional and unique,
a handmade dream
This beautiful most realistic women's mask is professionally handcrafted from particularly soft silicone and conjures up a perfectly made-up woman's face within seconds.
Attention was paid to every detail without exception, there are no thick or bulging seams, the wearing comfort is unique, the complexion is particularly natural, even the eyebrows are indistinguishable from real ones. Openings on the nose, mouth and eyes are made precisely and sensitively so that you can eat, drink and laugh.
The existing basic look with a little rouge, lipstick and eye shadow can be covered with make-up and changed at any time. You can use any version of cream and powder form. What we advise against is the use of rigid eyeliner pencils. Make-up removal works like normal make-up on the face with gentle cleansing milk or make-up remover wipes.
The mask can also be attached to the face with a special adhesive (you can find our special adhesive set here), so that a completely natural facial expression is created. But even without additional bonding, it is an absolute eye-catcher and combined with a beautiful wig can hardly be distinguished from a real face.
Our women's masks are unique and of the highest quality. Nevertheless, they must be treated with care and attention, especially in order not to injure the sensitive areas of the eyes and mouth. With careful handling, you will enjoy it for a very long time and enjoy your new look all around.
For the perfect look, please keep an eye on our beautiful branded wigs and our professional make-up.
Measurement table:
Head circumference: 55-59 cm
Neck circumference: 32-42 cm
Nose depth: 2-4 cm
Attention: This women's mask cannot be exchanged or returned for hygienic reasons.














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