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Divine Collection Athena - ultra realistic silicone breastplate

Athena - ultra realistic silicone breastplate, self-adhesive, made by hand-craft, No-Membrane Technology

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1-3 business days(*)more information here
nipples size:
breast form size:
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description: Divine Collection Athena - ultra realistic silicone breastplate


Divine Collection Athena

...ultra realistic silicone breastplate


Crafted in loving handwork!
No-membrane technology!
Very fine tapered edges!
Breast sizes B-C, C-D, E-F!
5 different nipple colors and sizes!

With the Athena silicone breastplate we offer you an ultra-innovative product.
Like our very popular Aphrodite, the Athena is made of the finest silicone in loving handwork. The no-membrane technology was also used for these breasts and can therefore be worn without any problems while sleeping, without you having to fear that they could burst.
However, it is beneficial to wear either an elastic top or a well-fitting bra, to make sure that the Athena cannot slip.

You will surely be more than thrilled with the feeling of Athena, she feels incredibly realistic and enchants with her lifelike nipples.
You can choose the nipple size and nipple color according to your taste individually from our huge offer. The very finely tapered edges are barely noticeable on the skin and thus provide even more naturalness.

The Athena convinces by her fabulous cleavage and is super easy to put on. You can wear them completely without a bra in combination with the Hollister Adhesive spray or just as an inlay in a fitting bra.

They have a slightly concave, self-adhesive backing, allowing them to adapt to any body shape perfectly. When worn, the breasts warm up to your body temperature, so that after a short time there is no difference between the breasts and your body.

The following sizes are available to you and your nipple choice leaves nothing to be desired.

Athena B-C: approx. 1.4kg / 3.1lbs
Athena C-D: approx. 1.8kg / 3.9lbs
Athena E-F:  approx. 2.3kg / 5.1lbs

Nipple colors:


Nipple sizes:

Areola: Ø 4.5 cm / 1 ¾ inches
Nipple: Ø 1.3 cm, 0.6 cm protrusion / ½ inches, ¼ inches

Areola: Ø 5 cm / 1 7/8 inches
Nipple: Ø 1.6 cm, 0.6 cm protrusion / 5/8 inches, ¼ inches

Areola: Ø 6cm / 2 3/8 inches
Nipple: Ø 1.6 cm, 1 cm protrusion / 5/8 inches, 3/8 inches

Areola: Ø 7cm / 2 ¾ inches
Nipple: Ø 1.3 cm, 0.6 cm protrusion / ½ inches, ¼ inches

Areola: Ø 8cm / 3 1/8 inches
Nipple: Ø 1.6 cm, 1.3 cm protrusion / 5/8 inches, ½ inches

All nipple colors and sizes are of course combinable.

Since the items are made specifically after placing your order, the delivery time is approximately 14 days. Thank you for your understanding.

How to attach Athena breastplate to go braless
1. If you have worn the Athena breastplate before, please remove all adhesive (in case you used it before) using the adhesive remover by using the breast form wash. Let them dry and you will see the form is naturally tacky again.
2. Take a shower and remove all hairs from your chest properly. Do NOT use any creams, lotions and do not USE deodorant.
3. Apply Stay Dry to the chest to prevent prespiratio and wait until it is dry.
4. Then spray a very thin layer of Hollister adhesive to the center of the breast form and allow to dry for about 5 minutes. The surface is now not wet anymore, but tacky.
5. Now apply Skin Tac Wipe to the chest wall and wait for another minute until the area becomes sticky.
6. Then apply the breastplate to the body and press as long as you can feel they attached to your skin.
7. Take a rest for about 10-20 minutes and lay down if possible. Press the Athena breastplate from time to time against your body.
8. Now they should be fixed secure and you can do whatever you want.
Please never use too much of the glue - with Athena breastplate "less is more".

Important note
When done with your breast forms, and you want to take them off, gently pull from the inside to the outside to remove. Then please remove any adhesive with an adhesive remover (such as Hollister remover) and wash your breast forms with the breast form wash.
Excessive use of silicone adhesive remover can damage or cause the breakdown of the silicone in the breast form. So please take care and make sure you do NEVER use any silicone-based glue, as that will destroy your breast forms!

You do get a care-kit

with 10 reusable Skin Tac Wipes, one bottle of Breast form wash and a bottle of Stay Dry Sweat Barrier Spray.

Here you can order all these items, in case you used them up.

Quite the best at the end: On appropriate handling we do offer 1 year warranty against manufactures defects.

Returns and Exchanges
As that Athena breast forms are hand crafted, luxury breast forms that are custom made at the time of your order, these breast forms cannot be returned or exchanged. Due to the self-adhesive backing, when the breast forms are attached and then removed from the skin, dead skin cells and oils are also removed. We are therefore unable to accept returns or exchanges on Athena breastplate for hygienic reasons. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you are not sure which size to select, please make sure you contact us in advance to find out which is the correct size for you.


Width 1 breast
Length 1 breast 

Athena silicone breastplate model 1

Athena silicone breastplate model 2



Cup B-C




Cup C-D
Cup E-F
Nipple colors

athena-breastplate-nipples-blush.jpg athena-breastplate-nipples-rose.jpg

athena-breastplate-nipples-cinnamon.jpg athena-breastplate-nipples-chocolate.jpg




...will come in a lovely box that is as well good for storage



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