Janina - super realistic half body

Janina - super realistic half body with integrated breasts - "Latex-Foam" or "Full-Silicone" - Breasts, as they could not be more realistic - Cup sizes B to K

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Janina half-body - lifelike and perfect silicone breasts presented by Jasmin Winter (in german)

Janina - the difference between full-silicone and latex-foam versions

description: Janina - super realistic half body

Janina - super realistic half body with integrated breasts
"Latex-Foam" or "Full-Silicone"
just perfect !!
Breasts, as they could not be more realistic
extremely realistic incorporated nipples

With the Janina-Halfbody you transform quickly your upper body into a perfect female look! In addition, the Janina torso is more than comfortable to wear. Simply pull the Janina over the head, adapt the rear fastening tape to your measurements, hook it in and your upper body is perfectly styled. The skin structure is made in no-membrane technology, this gives the Janina torso an extremely lifelike appearance - you can barely distinguish the surface from real skin!
Due to the high neckline, you can wear just about any clothing and present your breathtaking cleavage - without putting on make up, concealer or whatever you need to optimize the chest area.

You do not have to be afraid - nothing slips away or even "gets out" - with the Janina-Halfbody you are always on the safe side!
A really great solution for a quick and absolutely perfect transformation in seconds.
You can choose from 2 versions of this unique half body. In line with the often stated desire of our customers, "not too heavy to lug around", we can offer Janina in a lighter "filled with latex foam version"!
Of course, we also offer a version made of full silicone. The corresponding sizes, dimensions and weights can be found below in the two tables "Latex-Foam" and "Silicone". We are sure that we can offer as well the perfect size for you.
Of course, the cup size ultimately achieved is always dependening on your personal body measurements. If you are uncertain, please let us know your personal data (size, weight, under bust size) in the form below - we are happy to advise you!
Due to the reduced overall weight of the Janina torso in its latex foam version, you will still have a very comfortable fit after many hours.
In the full-silicone version, you have a little more weight on the body, but here the boobs do move even more lifelike.

The nipples - which were also made deceptively realistic - are incorporated into the Janina torso.

You can simply clean the Janina half body with lukewarm water and mild soap, then let it dry in the air and it's ready for the next use.
We are sure: the Janina-half body will convince you completely.

Questions from our customers:

1) has the full silicone breast - torso the same skin texture as the latex one?
yes - both have a completely identical surface structure and look like real skin.

2) are the breasts of the full-silicone breast-torso softer than the latex torso ??
yes - the medical silicone has a higher "softness" than latex - in general, latex and silicone have completely different material properties.

3) Do the boobs in the full silicone breast-Torso move and bounce like real breasts ??
Yes, they are absolutely like real breasts and move and jiggle like they normally do.
4) is it possible to wear the fully silicon breast torso overnight?
Yes, of course you can wear it - like many of the breasts we do offer - overnight.

5) will there be a video to the full silicone breasts torso showing what the difference between the two is ???
Yes, our lovely Jasmin did a video to show the differences - please watch the video further above.




Janina - lifelike half-body with perfect silicone breasts

Super realistic nipples
Janina backside - "full silicone" version
Janina backside - "latex foam" version
Janina closure - fits every upper body
Janina - breathtaking cleavage

Do you want to be advised with regard to correct size for Janina - super realistic half body ? We certainly love to help you in any circumstance !

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