Ultimate Skin-Torso

Ultimate Skin-Torso - breast forms, that could not look any better - just as real ones, lifelike moulded in nipples

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Ultimate Skin Torso - simply perfect silicone breasts presented by Jasmin Winter (in german)

description: Ultimate Skin-Torso

Ultimate Skin-Torso

"drop-style" or "round-style"

simply perfect !

breast forms, that could not look any better - just as real ones

lifelike moulded in nipples 


The perfect female upper part of the body within minutes, without any glue, bras or other appliances? All that is possible with our Ultimate Skin Torso.
Ever so simple in handling: you simply slip into the torso, as if you would take on a bra. On the backside you do have a velcro closure, which does not only guarantee an easy handling, it individually adjusts to the relevant dimension of the carrier.
Perfect styling and perfect fit without fear that the breastforms say "Goodbye" to the bra or that the adhesive does not last long enough.
You can choose between two different shapes of breasts:

1) "round-style", as the name implies: a round breast shape
2) "drop-style", a chest in the form of drops

Just as you like!
Of course, available in different cup sizes, so anybody can find the right cup-size for himself. Choose from cup size B up to size J. Dimensions are given in the table.

The finally achieved cup-size is certainly depending on your personal sizes. So what we have shown as cup-size is just a guideline to give you an idea about the size.
If you are not sure, which size is the correct one for you, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your body heights, weight, underchest-measurement and we are happy to tell you exactly what you will achieve at the end - please use our form below.



For a better idea of what size does look like, it should be said that our model (173 cm / 5.7 feet) carries Ultimate Skin Torso size E.

TIP: You can mask the edging of the neck with a necklace or a foulard. We recommend you to apply make-up to your neck in a similar colour as the Skin Torso, for example the at Special Trade obtainable TV-Paintstick (colours 3W and 4W).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you plan to wear the Ultimate Skin Torso longer than 3-4 hours, we do recommend that you underlay the part of the shoulder with a padding, a cloth or something similar made of cotton. Exactly on the shoulder you do have the highest pressure as all the weight of the torso burdens here and your skin can not breath as good as without anything on. So it might happen, that if you wear it for a longer time without any underlay, you can get some skin irritations. So please protect your skin as described, if you plan to wear the Ultimate Skin Torso for a long time.

Ultimate Skin Torso - "round style" (breasts in round shape)

Ultimate Skin Torso - "drop style" (breasts in drop shape)
Styling Tip for special moments
Our Ultimate-Skin-Torso will help you to achieve beautiful breasts, which you can enhance with the quarter cup bra. With the patent leather corset you won't just look classy, it will also give you a wonderful waist and obtain you with a irresistable outfit.
Ultimate Skin Torso "drop style"
Ultimate Skin Torso "drop style"
Ultimate Skin Torso nipple

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