DEAL OF THE WEEK - Amolux »Diamond Deluxe«, self-adhering breast forms

Like a dream - silicone breast forms DIAMOND DELUXE by Amolux, self adhering - perfect fit, high quality ultra soft medical silicone, perfect replication of a biological breast, "Made in Germany"

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description: DEAL OF THE WEEK - Amolux »Diamond Deluxe«, self-adhering breast forms

Silicone breast forms DIAMOND DELUXE

... like a dream ...

self adhering - perfect fit

high quality ultra soft medical silicone

perfect replication of a biological breast

"Made in Germany"

Amolux - perfect luxury - Made in Germany

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The new, improved self-adhesive silicone breasts "Diamond Deluxe" are like their little sister "Diamond" by the brand Amolux and have an asymmetrical shape, which can also be used very well with a narrow rib cage.

The breast in triangular shape has a soft silicone gel on the back, which ensures a particularly comfortable fit and gentle temperature compensation between the skin and the silicone breast. Compared to her little sister "Diamond", the "Deluxe" version is even more natural and the adhesive power even stronger. The adhesion reaches up to the entire edge area and one feels when wearing on the skin a slight pulling, which gives the feeling of a biological bosom. The back is concave, so that the breast completely conforms to your chest and becomes part of you. Made of an ultra-soft medical silicone, which has exactly the size of a real female breast in the respective cup size per size, the movement behavior is excellent and the breasts "swing" in the natural rhythm of your movements - just as with real breasts. By direct wearing on the body, the breasts warm up to body temperature, so that when touching nobody can feel the difference to a natural breast.

The unique adhesive coating of these silicone breasts provides the opportunity to wear these breasts without the hassle of attaching them. For very large breasts, we recommend, as is common practice, the additional wearing a bra or a quarter cup bra to ensure a secure fit in all situations. Generally, we recommend wearing a bra, as depending on the skin condition or degree of sweating, no guarantee can be given for perfect adhesion.

If the silicone breasts "Diamond Deluxe" should not be worn as a self-adhesive variant, there are covers included in delivery, which are simply placed on the adhesive surface and you can wear these breasts as a normal breast pad without liability.

Breast Forms DIAMOND DELUXE, available sizes


Weight one breast(app.)

Weight both breasts
Width (cm)
Length (cm)
Height (cm)
4 250g 500g 14 12 5
6 380g 760g 16 13 6
8 580g 1160g 18 15 7
10 810g 1620g 20 16 8,5
12 1120g 2240g 23 18 9,5
14 1550g 3100g 25 20 11
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Size chart Amolux Diamond Deluxe
The "Diamond Deluxe" silicone breasts have no nipples, but you have the opportunity to choose from 4 different colors in 3 sizes to create the most beautiful look for the nipple! The nipples themselves are very fine and thin worked, self-adhesive and thus interchangeable - so sometimes subtle or a little provocative, depending on the occasion and mood. The adhesion of the nipples is perfectly matched to the silicone breasts, so that slipping is not possible. The transitions are so fine that you do not realize that these nipples are not incorporated. Another advantage of these nipples: in case of damage to the nipples is not just the whole silicone breast broken - but only the nipple, which can be easily replaced. For the subsequent selection of your desired nipple, please click here (-> Nipples Deluxe). The nipple selection you can also find below on this page.  


Included in your set:
1.) 1 pair of silicone breasts "Diamond Deluxe" in the size of your choice
2.) 2 x contact pads for protection during storage
3.) 2 x cotton velvet pads with velvet coating to wear the "Diamond Deluxe" as non-adhesive breasts


Please make sure, that you do clean your Diamond Deluxe breasts each time you used them. Only put a drop of cleanser on the backside, take the special brush and then start with slightly rotary movements (incl. edges) until the cleanser starts to foam. After this, you only wash the forms with handwarm water and let them air dry. If it needs to be faster, you can dry them as well by using your hair dryer, but please make sure you only switch on level cold! Please always use the special brush as any other normal one would destroy the breast form contact area and they are no longer self adhering. Never use simple shampoo or any other cleaner as this would destroy contact area and interlayer. When you want to take off the Diamond Deluxe breast form, we do recommend to grab the form in full and slightly press together while taking it off - please never start to pull from cleavage and then go into direction of shoulder or arm, this might cause damage! Take as well care, that the surfaces to not stick together. If it happens that the surface agglutinates together, please do not discerp! Better try to dispense while holding under warm water and then tear gently.


The modell "Diamond Deluxe" is a dream of silicone breast form, that will certainly fulfill all your expectations - without any compromise!
Quite the best at the end: On appropriate handling we do offer a 2 years warranty on the breast forms and 1 year warranty on adhesive


Amolux Diamond Deluxe with

Nipples Deluxe (-> available here) 



Amolux Diamond Deluxe breastforms selfadhering


Amolux Diamond Deluxe with

Nipples Fine Art (-> available here) 

Amolux Diamond Deluxe breastforms selfadhering - fine art nipples



Breast forms DIAMOND DELUXE - high quality and precious packaging



Nipple selection (if you click on the picture, you will automatically be leaded to the whole range)

Nipples Amolux Deluxe self adhesive

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