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Summer-Party for our 5th anniversary

5 years Special-Trade's unbelievable how time passes by!
Now it´s Special-Trade since 5 years - this was more than a good reason, to really celebrate it !
On saturday, 19.06.2010, it was on.

The summer party for
5 years of Special-Trade ! 
For us this was an exceptional opportunity to thank our customers, friends and business partners with an - as we think - unforgetable, awesome festival !
Already at the entrance, we extended a warm welcome with a little present. Afterwards, with the champagne reception, the first conversations functioned as a get to know or to swap with long time unseen friends.
We´ve arranged a rich buffet, that hopefully answered everyone´s wishes and ensnared anyone to have a tremendous feast to establish a "basis".
The tension boosted every minute cuz a stage was constructed and a big surprise was about to pull off ! What was that supposed to be ?
It began with Inka welcoming everybody, thanking the customers for their constancy and trust but as well for their critics and useful suggestions. That´s the reason why Special-Trade could grow and steadily move on !
After that, our Claudia held an affecting speech, in which she stated the chronicle about the history of Special-Trade. How did this start and who is still member of the team Special-Trade ?
And here it goes: Babsy Sonnenschein had made a movie with Babsner-TV in celebration of the 5-year anniversary. This film was presented as a "world premiere" and got rewarded with standing ovations. In fact, it is a very humorous film that entertained us all and strained our muscles of the abdomen very much!
Ongoing, a superlatives show started out: With no less a figure than Babsy Sonnenschein, Zaza von Baden, Gracia Garcioso and Rosanna Elektra. Unique vocal and show numbers, impressive choreographies and inspring sketch numbers... this is hot stuff and we want to say thank you very much once again, for that stunning show you brought to us all !
After that, people could shake their legs to the small hours or just talk with a good glass of wine. It was a successful party with lots of happy, lovely and laughingly people - could it be any better ?
We want to thank all the great people dearly - our customers, business partners, friends - who have made this day with us to an unique, memorable event. We appreciate the faith and fidelity, that we may enjoy for more than 5 years now !
We hope and wish, that we may celebrate something like this with you more often in the future!
Love, yours
Inka, Michaela, Ana, Claudia, Simone and Micha

5th Anniversary of Special-Trade by Babsner-TV

Impressions of our 5th Anniversary Summer Party

5-years-special-trade-showroom.jpg 5-years-special-trade-showroom2.jpg
5-years-special-trade-babsy-zaza.jpg 5-years-special-trade-buffet3.jpg
5-years-special-trade-buffet.jpg 5-years-special-trade-buffet2.jpg 
5-years-special-trade-buffet4.jpg 5-years-special-trade-buffet5.jpg
5-years-special-trade-buffet6.jpg 5-years-special-trade-buffet7.jpg
5-years-special-trade-buffet8.jpg 5-years-special-trade-show4.jpg 
5-years-special-trade-disco.jpg 5-years-special-trade-party.jpg 
5-years-special-trade-party2.jpg 5-years-special-trade-party3.jpg
5-years-special-trade-party4.jpg 5-years-special-trade-party5.jpg
5-years-special-trade-show.jpg 5-years-special-trade-show2.jpg
5-years-special-trade-katharina.jpg 5-years-special-trade-show3.jpg