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Wigs - Information & Instructions

Artificial hair care:
- We recommend to wash the wig approximately every three weeks, when wearing it every day. If you sweat a little bit more, please wash it more often.
- Please use cold water NOT hot water. One splash of artificial hair shampoo in cold water, and let the wig soak in.
- Do not rub the hair during this process, you may push it through the water, but most shampoos for artificial hair cleanse the hair on their own. Please use appropriate products (view here)
- Rinse the wig until the water is clear
- Give a Splash Conditioner/Balm in cold water, let it soak into the hair and then rinse it out again. This will keep your artificial hair shiny and smooth.
- Dab it dry - NEVER rub the artificial hair like you do with your own hair, this will end in a matted chaos.
- Put it on a wig holder (please not made out of styrofoam) and let it dry in peace.
- Please don't comb the wig while it is wet or damp, it will pull itself in shape, since this is predefined for wigs with curly or wavy hair.
- Never blow dry artificial hair hot air or use a curling iron, this would destroy the fibres. Wigs with thermo-elastic fibres are an exception.
- As soon as the wig is completely dry, it can be combed and brought in shape with a rough-pronged comb, do not tear!
- Please only use special hairspray which is made for artificial hair, everything else will make the hair look blunt and unattractive.
- When the wig gets a little "older", you can refresh it with a special lustre spray.
What are the advantages of artificial hair?
1. Artificial hair is fairly carefree in comparison to real hair
2. You don't have to coif artificial hair after washing it, because the waves or curles are upheld after the wash
3. Artificial hair often has more volume and stability in comparison to real hair
4. The colour of artificial hair is mostly very intense and retains its original colour
5. Artificial hair is very reasonable in price in relation to real hair
What are the disadvantages of artificial hair?
1. Artificial hair is not heat-resistant
2. Artificial hair has a slight chemical scent to it at first - in experience after washing the wig, this scent flies by
3. Artificial hair wears off more quickly than real hair
4. For the care of artificial hair, one should only use products especially made for artificial hair
5. Artificial hair cannot be styled differently, from curly to straight or the other way round.
Tips and tricks for artificial hair wigs
Here are a lot of tips and tricks for dealing with your wig and for a beautiful natural appearance.
If you are going to wear a wig for the first time, we definitely recommend you to take a look at these tips and tricks.
1. Shake the wig
2. Hide your own hair underneath a wig-cap
3. Make sure the wig is adjusted correctly
4. Hold the wig tight at the laterally small plates
5. Use adhesive strips for extra security when needed
Mono Galloon
What is the meaning of "mono-galloon" ?
In our understanding "mono-galloon" referes to us as "monofilament-galloon wig", wigs whose gear is made out of galloons and monofilament fabric (see figure on the left).
The gear is the frame of the wig. About half of the wig is made out of galloons. Galloons are cotton fibre on which the hair is sewn onto in tafts.
The whole top of the head is made out of high-quality monofilament fabric. This is why the hair looks very natural and real. You can style the hair according to one's liking without it looking fake.
monofilament-lacing-inside.jpg monofilament-lacing.jpg
What is "monofilament" exactly?
"Monofilament" is very fine webbing, which is very pleasant to wear and seems see through. It looks like the hair of the wig is growing from your own scalp, just like a normal hairdo (see figure on the left).
Whereas the hair of the galloon wigs are sewn mechanically in little tafts on the wig, the hair of the monofilament wigs are knotted closely together on the monofilament fabric.
Monofilament fabric appears to be very natural and real looking. It is relatively light, pleasant to wear and belongs to the fabrics with the most highest qualities wigs can be made from.
Which advantages does the monofilament wig offer?
The whole top of the monofilament-galloon wig is made out of high-quality monofilament fabric, whereas the partial-mono-wig only contains this in the crown area.
This is why you can style your hair according to your own taste. The hairstyle will always look natural because of the monofilament fabric (see figure on the left).