Lingerie Vivienne

Lingerie Vivienne
Hand-made by our tailoress
customised & unique
- made in Germany -
Special edition "Vivienne" - fine black lace!
Pocket-Bra, gaff panty and hotpants in one series!
Especially made for you from our tailoress and it is guaranteed that this can only be purchased at Special-Trade.
All parts are combinable, so that you can create a new outfit from time to time.

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Vivienne Pocket Bra

High quality pocket-bra made out of very fine black lace. Classical and at the same time teasingly. Of course with built in pockets to lay in the breast forms, so you don't have to bother adhering them first.
bra size:
80-85 C/D, 80-85 E/F, 90-95 C/D, 90-95 E/F, 100-105 C/D, 100-105 E/F, 110-115 C/D, 110-115 E/F,

Vivienne Hotpants

These sweet panties are also matching to the whole "Vivienne" sequence and are combinable with all parts.
S, M, L, XL,

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