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Choosing the correct size for breast forms

I do think it is necessary to say a few sentences with regard to sizing tables which are always disputed, and hope this will make it a bit more easy for everybody to choose the correct size for himself.

Normally the Cup-sizes are taken from european standard measures of breasts. But by choosing a breast form it is often forgotten to take one thing into consideration: Your own body with his personal measurements! This can certainly make a very big difference! Just as a small example to make you understand: If we take a man with 1,85 cm and an under-chest measure of say 95 cm who is choosing a breast form with cup-size E , he might fill a bra with a D-cup properly and this is what others will see - a propper D size breast. If we now look at a smaller man, say 1,70 m and under-chest measure of 80 cm, the same breast form will look much, much larger on him, due to his personal measurements. This is something which is very often forgotten!

This is why we put all the measurements down for our breast-forms and I can really recommend to have a look at yourself in front of a mirror and try to estimate what the choosen breast form will be at the end by taking the measures of the form into consideration.

If this doesn`t help at all, you can surely give me a short mail and let me know with what Cup-size you like to end up with.Give me your personal measurements and let me know if you are looking for a small, normal, large or huge breast and I will try to give you as much advice as I can to choose your correct breast size.

I hope,I was able to explain why it ends up so often in a way which is not desired?

Each breast is exactly as individual as the person wearing it, therefor it is more than essential to take the own proportions into carefull consideration!

I hope it will work out fine now?