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Instructions for artificial fingernails

Artificial nails are ideal if you want to have perfectly styled fingernails in a wink of an eye and only want them to last for a couple of hours or a day. One will envy you for these beautiful nails...
Our fingernails include different sizes in the set, which also fit for "mens-thumbs". Almost all other products are too small for "mens-hands".
Before you affix the nails, there are a couple of steps you have to perform.
At first choose the correct size and lay them infront of you on a clean table. The nail should be approx. 1mm narrower than your own nail, so it can flatten when being stuck on. If your own nails are longer than the artificial ones, please shorten them beforehand, it does not look very good if they peak through the artificial nail...
After that wash your hands with soap and clean your own nails with nail varnish remover or rubbing alcohol from all the possible grease or cream. Now starting with the thumb nail sequentially affix the other ones:
1. Place a line of glue in the middle of the "half moon" to the nail tip. Please do not cover your whole nail with glue and start approx. 2mm away from the cuticle.
2. Now take the nail you put in place before and hold it at the sides and lay it on your own nail. Place your finger on the surface of the table and press on the artificial nail for approx. 20 seconds. And that's it done.
With this adhesive method you can remove the nail in a way that there are no remains of the glue and the nails can be used 3-4 times.
After use this is the way to remove them:
1. There is a small wooden stick in the package with which you can slip under the nail the edge near to the cuticle and try to lift off the nail carefully. You can also use a tooth pick, if you haven't got the wooden stick at hand.
2. After removing the nail from your own nail, hold your nail approx. 10 seconds in the pot of the artificial nail remover, to soften and remove the remains of the glue. Take off the remains with a papertowel -  finished.
I hope you take much pleasure in your lovely professional fingernails styled in a wink of an eye