Natural hanging breasts

Slightly natural hanging breasts, "Super Natural" by Red Rose, available breast sizes C, D, F, H, J, with fawn or dark brown lifelike nipples, they do feel like real natural breasts

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Video Super Natural by Red Rose - in german language

description: Natural hanging breasts

Natural hanging breasts
"Super Natural" by Red Rose
"slightly hanging boobs" breast sizes C, D, F, H, J
SuperNatural Breasts by RedRose
Due to material shortages, these breasts are only available to a limited extent and will probably no longer be manufactured. If the size you want is no longer available, please take a look at our beautiful alternative »Natural Dream« - a particularly high-quality version of this breast form with a very similar shape.
Absolutely naturally looking silicone breast forms with a unique design and finish like a real bosom have been created with our "Natural Breasts".
These breasts do definitely give the appearance of real boobs as they have been designed as "slightly hanging boobs" - exactly the way natural breasts look!
Another advantage is the small contact surface these boobs have in comparison with normal silicone breasts. This means, that even if your under-chest measurement is small, you can create really big breasts without the forms overlapping.
You can either use them as an inlay in a bra, or you can attach them with our Hollister medical adhesive glue to be worn on your bare skin without any bra at all. Up to size C, the adhesive patches are another alternative to affix them to your chest.
They surely bounce and jiggle while you are moving. They have a matt finish and you have to look very closely to recognize they are falsies. ;-)
This is surely one of the least costly and painless alternatives to having beautiful breasts as opposed to plastic surgery.
cup size breast shape single breast weight (lbs/g) weight of a pair (lbs/g) length      (inch / cm) width       (inch / cm) height       (inch / cm)
C Natural  0.7lbs / 330g 1.4lbs / 660g 5.1" / 13cm 4.3" / 11cm 3.1" / 8cm
D Natural 0.9lbs / 430g 1.8lbs / 860g 5.1" / 13cm 4.3" / 11cm 3.5" / 9cm
F Natural 1.7lbs / 770g 3.4lbs / 1540g 5.5" / 14cm 4.3" / 11cm 3.9" / 10cm
1.2lbs / 550g 2.4lbs / 1100g 5.5" / 14cm 4.3" / 11cm 3.9" / 10cm
H Natural 2.4lbs / 1100g 4.8lbs / 2200g 6.7" / 17cm 5.5" / 14cm 5.5" / 14cm
1.8lbs / 800g 3.6lbs / 1600g 6.7" / 17cm 5.5" / 14cm 5.5" / 14cm
3.4lbs / 1550g 6.8lbs / 3100g 8.7" / 22cm 7.1" / 18cm 6.0" / 15cm
red-rose-natural-1.jpg  red-rose-natural-2.jpg

example cup size C

natural breast size c

hanging breast forms size c


example cup size D

slightly hanging boobs size d

natural hanging breasts size d


example cup size F

breasts natural size f

cup size f hanging boobs


example cup size H

large hanging breast size h

huge hanging boobs cup size h


example cup size J

gigantic natural hanging boobs size j

extra large breasts size j, nice hanging


rear view with slightly concave backside of these natural breast forms

rear view of Super-Natural

Do you want to be advised with regard to correct size for Natural hanging breasts ? We certainly love to help you in any circumstance !

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