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10 Years Special-Trade

Our 10th Birthday on the 20th of June 2015

10-years-special-trade-cake-200.pngIt is hard to believe how time flies! Now we turned 10 years old and thought that this was the perfect reason to celebrate this day with our beloved customers, friends and partners. Furthermore it is a requirement for us to express our appreciation and gratitude to all our loved ones around us. Thank you, for 10 wonderful years - and thank you, that we were allowed to be there for you for the last 10 years - and we would love to be there for you in the future!

Hence we had prepared a very special day for you on Saturday, the 20th of June!

Our Showroom was opened in the afternoon. Lots and lots of people came to have a look around, were advised to our product range, tried on products or just had some nice conversations and drank a toast to our anniversary.
On this day we also prepared some surprises:
- special discounts and special actions
- a dice game, with which you decided your price
- cosmetic classes with our beautician Karin
- corsets: we showed how to apply and lace
- breasts: apply correctly with adhesive and remover
- and much, much more

After spending some time in our showroom it was time to get dressed, and then off to the party...

As from 19.00 o'clock on we invite you dearly to our 10-year-birthday-party!

The party started on Saturday, the 20.06.2015, as from 19.00 o'clock on,
in the location Partyservice Wahler, Leyher Str.101, 90431 Nuremberg.
Certainly we did provide sufficiently for everyone's entertainement and creature comforts.


Here once again our jubilee-buffet:


cold cuts:

  • chicken drumsticks
  • pork fillet with truffel liver
  • italian parma ham on melon
  • sappier hot smoked ham
  • ham rolls with asparagus
  • antipasti with vegetables
  • capriote

hot meals:

  • Nuremberg sausages and small breadcrumbed and fried pork scallop
  • stuffed chicken drumsticks with leaf spinach
  • tuscan herbal roast meat with rosemary potatoes

along with

  • franconian coleslaw with bacon
  • potatoe salad with bacon
  • fresh salad in season
  • farmhouse bread, rye buns, lye pretzels, crusted bread
  • butter curls

as a round off:

  • cheeses form different countries with fruit
  • bavarian creme with red berry compote
  • tiramisu
  • mousse au chocolate
  • fruit salad

excerpt of your range of beverages:


There will be a more than generous range of beverages, from which you will definitely find "your drink":
Prosecco, red wine, white wine, beers, longdrinks, mixed drinks with and without alcohol, soft drinks, juices, coffee, cappucino, espresso and a lot more...


Also our supporting programme was a delight for everyone:

gloria-gray-at-special-trade-10th-anniversary-party.jpggloria-gray-at-special-trade-10th-anniversary-party-2.jpgWe are very happy, that we could hire the more than popular Gloria Gray, who is well knwon from television and her books, for this event! At this point, thank you Gloria, you were absolutely great!!! Here you can find more information about Gloria Gray!



Aside from that, our evening was accompanied by a DJ, who provided a great atmosphere!
Lots of contacts and nice conversations have resulted from this evening and also the one or other friendship between our lovely customers, friends and partners.

Briefly speaking: it was a lovely social evening with a more than "colourful and receptive" arrangement of kind people.

Thank you again to all who joined us, and loving regards, your


(on behalf of the whole Special-Trade -Team!)

P.S.:Our donation campaign for our 10 year existence was a total success!

We have only made it to where we are now with effort, appreciation, tolerance and you endlessly affectionate customers! As all of you know there is still huge enlightenment required for our topic. Since only people with education can understand something, we would like to contribute to education becoming an implictitness for everyone. This being the case we collected donations which can be invested in childrens' education. Because children will be able to make the world a little bit "easier and more natural" for everyone - no matter who you are or what you feel.

We thank you from the bottom of our heart that you made it possible to donate the amount of 500,00 to WorldVision for a childrens-education-project.


Thanks a million for your active cooperation!

more pictures here in our blog (only in german language)