FemLine - perfect female body shaping

Unique, handmade products for the perfect transformation to be a woman.
Perfect female body shaping for hips, cheeks and thigh - nearly better than nature can create!


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FemLine - Ultimate Female Body - perfect silicone suit

The most efficient way of changing to female gender within a couple of minutes, just slip in and enjoy the realistic feminize shape of a perfect female body - become a perfect woman!
Ultimate Body:
Body, Body & Catheter, Body & Feminize Pads, Body & Feminize Pads & Catheter,

FemLine - Perfect Female Body

The FemLine Perfect Female Body is certainly one of the best prostheses you can find to achieve the ultimate, female body within seconds!
waist size:
"S" 26" - 30" (66cm - 76cm), "M" 30" - 34" (76cm - 86cm), "L" 34" - 38" (86cm - 97cm),


FemLine - Perfect Trans - perfect solution for the look en femme

FemLine Perfect Trans - the silicone suit, that creates a complete female body within a few minutes. Only slip in and feel comfortable.
S, M, L,

FemLine - Ultra Feminize Pads

The FemLine ultra-feminize pads FemLine are the best you can find on the market! They will give you a more than realistic appearence in look, movement and touch...
Ultra Feminize Pads:
Ultra Feminize Pads, Ultra Feminize Pads & FemLine Mix,

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