FemLine - Perfect Trans - perfect solution for the look en femme

FemLine Perfect Trans - the silicone suit, that creates a complete female body within a few minutes. Only slip in and feel comfortable.

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description: FemLine - Perfect Trans - perfect solution for the look en femme

Silicone Suit
FemLine Perfect Trans
Female transformation in a few minutes
lifelike breasts and moulded in vagina 
Finally it is available - the silicone suit, that creates a complete female body within a few minutes. Only slip in and feel comfortable.
All that is required to feminize yourself, has been combined in this Perfect Trans Body.
Moulded in breast forms, optionally with silicone buttocks that create a wonderful bum and as well a vagina that completes your own mirror image.
The inner face is completely lined with cotton, so that it will not be a sweaty matter to wear this body even for a longer time. The collateral lacing in butt/waist area allows you to match it perfectly to your body, without squeezing or pinching all the time, but make sure it fits tight to your body.
The retral straps of the top can be adjusted as well to make sure the breast forms will be in the correct position and make sure the body fits tight enough to your body to prevent it will create wrinkles.
Depending on your own physical conditions there are three different
sizes of moulded in breast forms available.
Sizes of Femline Perfect Trans are as follows:
size S        9.0 cm heights of breasts        total weight: 1.4 kg
size M       10.5 cm heights of breasts       total weight: 1.8 kg
size L        14.0 cm heights of breasts       total weight: 3.0 kg
We deliberately do not want to name cup-sizes, as the final result you will achieve is due to your own measurements. So if you are unsure what the result finally will be, just send us a short email telling us your personal measures as follows:
and we can tell you what cup-size you will achieve.
The already moulded in vagina is penetrable and if you want to, you can add the catheter kit to be able to use the toilet like a lady without taking off the body every time. To be able to use this function, you do have to open the vagina first. This works best by using a sharp knife and cut carefully in exactly the size you want to.
The Perfect Trans is very stretchy, so we do have one-size-fits-all, which means, it can be used from EU sizes 46 to 56. Even if the material is very soft and stretchy, we do ask you to handle it carefully and make sure you do not wear any sharp jewelry etc. as the silicone can be damaged.
The FemLine Perfect Trans will give you a breathtaking feeling !

Please note: due to protection of minors we are not allowed to show any photos containing youth endangering contents.
If you do confirm, that you are at least 18 years old, you can click here and we can send you further photos of the Perfect Trans Body.
Just a few words how to care about the product:
After wearing, please make sure you do clean it with a wet wipe or a moisure tissue. Afterwards use some talkum powder and spread it over the article, then gently remove with a a soft and dry brush. This will guarantee the life-like-feeling of your article to be preserved.
For sanitary reasons, we regret that we are unable to accept lingerie and undergarments for return. This policy is standard with all vendors of lingerie and undergarments.
The Perfect Trans Body...
Due to the elastic and adjustable straps and the flexible lacing at the sides, the Perfect Trans fits to nearly every body…
if requested, as well with buttocks …
see the breast sizes here …

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