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FemLine - »Ultra Feminizer«

description: FemLine - »Ultra Feminizer«

FemLine - »Ultra Feminizer«

(1 pair)

full silicone

perfect curves
for hips, thighs and butt

In addition to the breasts, a beautiful woman's body naturally includes feminine curves, especially in the hip, thigh and bottom area.

With our FemLine »Ultra Feminizers« you can add the essential centimeters without much effort.

The easiest way is to wear them under tight pantyhose or leggings. If you choose a pantyhose, please ensure that they are at least »60 Denier« in order to provide sufficient support.

For a better hold you can use the »Ultra-Feminizer« with our Skin Tac Wipes. Simply dab on, press firmly and then pull a tight pantyhose over them.

For optimal hold, they can be glued firmly to the thighs with our Kryolan skin glue. Alternatively, you can also use our 2-component special adhesive FemLine-Mix.

You add about 4.5 cm per side, so a total of about 9 cm for a perfect female shape.

The weight of one »Ultra-Feminizer« pad is approx. 1.6 kg, so the pair weighs a total of approx. 3.2 kg. With a length of 43 cm and a width of 26 cm, they wonderfully optimize your female silhouette from the hips over the entire thigh.






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