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High Quality Wigs - Made in Germany
If you want something really special, there is no way to pass this newest development of wigs! It's not just the unbelievable brilliance, but nobody will be in a position to detect it is not your real hair!
The wonderful natural drop, the fit, the amazing colours and the accomplished technique of cut are just a few attributes of these real noble wigs.
Dreamlike wearing comfort, completly without itching, sweating and shifting are guaranteed as finest breathable materials have been used, and they let you forget that you do wear a wig at all. 
Especially to emphasize is the lace front. This is a special way of treating the hair line in such way, that no matter how you handle it, nobody will ever note it is a wig. The hair line looks like "naturally grown"! Just perfect!  Do whatever you want to create new looks with your wig and make yourself a different looking woman as often as you like.
  • handmade net lace
  • mono-filament at the top crown
  • lace front - looks like naturally grown hair
  • special adhesion-effects

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Human hair wig Gloss


Wig Affair, lace front


Wig Duo Fibre Lynsey


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