Wigs#highest brand quality

Wigs of the highest brand quality

Perfect changeability

You have probably thought about changing your hairstyle many times, but then you couldn’t find the courage? Let us tell you, we’ve all been there. With our huge range of top brand wigs, you can try out any hairstyle and colours and you can always switch up your style. Whether you want a sporty short haircut in a rich shade of brown or a racy long-haired wig in a fiery red color, we almost leave no wish unfulfilled with our short hair wigs, wigs medium length, long-hair wigs and our human hair wigs.

Wigs with flawless fit

Thanks to patented technology, the wigs adapt perfectly to your head shape. You will be more than thrilled with the great wearing comfort because there is no itching, slipping or excessive sweating. Nothing but the best for our girls. All wigs are adjustable in size via hooks and elastic in the neck.

Diverse variations

IIn our offer you will find plenty different varieties of brand wigs. All are processed on galloon lace, many of them on monofilament and with lace front. This mixture provides an incredibly natural look as the monofilament is a very fine fabric, making it virtually invisible on the skin. Convince yourself of our top brand wigs - either here in our transgender shop or in our showroom in Schwaig next to Nuremberg. We're here for you!

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