Wig Raquel Welch Miami

Very feminine short hair wig with super feminine cut, which could not be any more stylish. Neck-length with a small straight fringe, layered and therefore beautiful, natural fall.

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description: Wig Raquel Welch Miami

Very Nice Wig Raquel Welch "Miami"

Sandyblonde Rooted


Very feminine short hair wig with super feminine cut, which could not be any more stylish. Neck-length with a small straight fringe, layered and therefore beautiful, natural fall.

Manufactured with monofilament and lace front, 100 % handmade.
Our wigs use lace and monofilament, what gives them a very natural look. Since monofilament is a very delicate material it is almost invisible against your skin. Each string of hair is attached with hand, thatís what makes it look like your own. Because of the materials used it gives the wig breath ability and excellent wear. Before putting the wig on please shake it a little bit and use a good brush to shape it. But please note that wigs with curls cannot be brushed, only shaken and pricked with your fingers to loosen them up and give them more volume. This should be done with a brush that is widely spaced and has only single bristles. (Do not use a regular hair brush)

Like all wigs you can adjust the size in the neck area with hooks and the elastic thatís adjusting to every head size.

Here you can find useful and important information and instructions about wigs

Wig Raquel Welch "Miami" - sandyblonde rooted


Do never forget: Your wig needs care to make sure you can use it for a long time.



shampoo for wigs - this professional shampoo will do the cleaning for you - we recommend that you use our offered balm for antistatic purposes afterwards

Balm for wigs

professional balm for wigs - you will find the hair is clean, soft, shiny and antistatic - before you can use the balm you have to wash the wig with the special shampoo first

Styling Wet Gel

This is a modern styling product for all trendy hairstyles. Offers normal hold and protection for any hairstyle with wet-look design.


Wig holder

Wonderful wig holder - perfect to hold your wig over night while keeping the style nicely in place.


Our conditioner is a special silicone spray for maintenance of artificial wigs, especially recommended for long haired wigs

Hair Tip Liquid

Hair Tip Liquid repairs and regenerates hair tips.

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