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Wide assortment and best quality at Special-Trade: Your shop for transgender

Transgender Shop Special-Trade

For the perfect female transformation, you depend on a variety of accessories and numerous products. Our shop for transgender is one of the leading addresses for transvestites, crossdressers and transgender people with its wide range of high quality offers. As a shop for transvestites we place great value on products in realistic designs, with which you can feel completely comfortable.

Trust our sense

All products that you will find in our shop for transsexuals are carefully selected by us and meet the highest requirements. Especially when it concerns good quality, we can not compromise. With our offer, we are also address women who dream of larger breasts and initially want to estimate which breast size is eligible for an adjusting surgery. The assortment in our shop for transsexuals consists of silicone breast forms, upholstery and push-up trousers, but also of corsets. In addition, there is a wide assortment of everything that is needed for female transformation and feminine body shapes.

Everything for the perfect transformation

In order to make the female transformation perfect, you can not only find silicone breasts in our shop for transgender, but all sorts of cosmetic and optical accessories. So you have a wide selection of wigs, cosmetics, women's shoes in oversizes, adhesives, textiles, etc. available. All products that are offered in our shop for transvestites, are also available in our showroom and can be viewed and tried on site, this is a practical option especially for the artificial breasts. Just order your favorite products - even after a telephone consultation by our team, quite simply online. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you comprehensively and, of course, respond to all your wishes and special requirements.

Your Transgender Shop

Silicone breast forms female body shaping
Femline perfect feminine body shaping Vagina panties, V-String, V-Panty
Femline professional female masks
Push up panties, padded panties, boosters Baby tummy, baby bump
Oversize women shoes                               Wigs
Cosmetics make up products Artificial fingernails eyelashes
Bras briefs undergarments lingerie                               Tights suspenders nylons
Minidresses Dresses Lingerie Corsets and cinchers
Silicone nipples, teats                               Adhesives, care products
Gaffs, gaff panty Contact lenses
Useful, miscellaneous