Feminine Curves & Perfect Body Shaping

Perfect female body shaping: We do offer you a wide varitiy of upholstered panties, push-up panties - with either 2 or 4 silicone inlays - to create the ultimate bottom and very female curves.  Even so we do have as well the "Ultimate Female Body", "Perfect Body" and "Ultra-Feminize-Pads", products which are the best you can get at the moment all over the world. Another extra which was developed due to customer request: the "Baby Bump " made of silicone and looking totally real pregnant.
We are certainly there to help you finding the correct items and sizes for you. Just give us ring, write an email or even come along to meet us in our show room if you can. 
Warmest regards
Ganz herzlichst, Inka
PS: To get a first impression about our whole offers, have a look at Transgender and Transvestite Store of Special-Trade

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