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V-Tapes for breast forms

V-Tapes for silicone breast forms. Double-sided tape with excellent adhesive force! Waterproof!

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description: V-Tapes for breast forms

Double-sided tape with excellent adhesive force!
This tape is perfectly suited for your non-self-adhesive breast forms to securely fasten the forms to your body. There is no further equipment required, so the application is quick and easy.
Even removing goes smoothly, without leaving any residue on skin or at your breast prostheses. Simply tear off - that's it.
The adhesive pads are waterproof so even suitable while showering, swimming, etc.
First lightly press the silicone breast with the adhesive tape on your chest.
Now increase the pressure, because the tape is pressure sensitive and adheres better, the more you press against your chest.
It is also heat-active, that is, the adhesive power still increases with the adjustment to your body temperature
The tapes can be used multiple times, if they are treated after use with Skin Tac Wipes.
Simply wipe the tapes and the adhesive is regenerated immediately. Customers report of up to 5-fold use with this procedure. The frequency of re-use depends on your skin type and the size of the breasts you use.
Greasy / oily skin and very large breasts reduce the adhesion performance and the frequency of refresh.
For small breasts often one tape is enough.
To go bra-less, it should be at least 2 tapes.
For larger breast forms use more than 2 tapes, depending on weight and size of the breast. Please try what gives a secure hold.
Important: Please always remove carefully! Do not tear or pull!  We cannot be responsible for damage caused to breast forms by use of tape.

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