Ultra Setting Vaporizer 100ml

description: Ultra Setting Vaporizer 100ml

 Ultra Setting Vaporizer 100ml
Ultra Setting Spray is an innovative product for fixing any kind of make-up

Ultra Setting Spray is an innovative product for fixing any kind of make-up.
It is an unusual light fixation that seems dull after application and nothing will be "shiny" in your face anymore.
Any kind of make-up is reliably fixed. When using a cream foundation make-up, make sure you do use some kind of fixing or compact powder, before you apply the ultra setting spray.
Only spray over your face, it dries very quickly and makes the make-up smudge-proof and is as well resitant to moisture.
Ultra Setting Spray contains alcohol and should not be applied near eyes or mucous membranes.
So: When spraying please close your eyes ! 

Content: 100 ml


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