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Lingerie AmoLuxury Showstar

Lingerie "Showstar" by AmoLuxury, perfect femininity, with high quality erotic bra and panties, "Made in Germany"

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description: Lingerie AmoLuxury Showstar

Lingerie "Showstar" by AmoLuxury

perfect femininity

with erotic bra and panties

"Made in Germany"

Amoluxury Special-Trade

pure luxury ... just for you


Perfectly fitting for our silicone breast form models Ruby and Diamond, there is wonderful lingerie available, where all stays in place and does look nominous.

Why having great boobs, if you can't show them in gorgeous underwear ?

Show your femininity while wearing this amazing bra with sheer cups and sensual jiggle inducing style.

It really looks very erotic, but at the same time this bra keeps your breasts in perfect outline. Moulded in pockets keep the breast forms exactly there, where they should. No matter what you do, don't be feared of loss or slip away - it won't happen!
Even if the bra looks very feminine with lovely lace, we did not put any wire inside to make it as comfortable as possible. There is an incorporated rubber band, that guarantees steady hold, without having the feeling it hurts or is uncomfortable. There is no "ride up" of the bra.
It has got 3 eyes and hooks to adjust 5 different variable lengths, so you do achieve a perfect fit to your body. Certainly the closures are cushioned and do not cause any bad feelings.

Consistent to the bra, there are panties available which do have a moulded in cache, that hides away (for that moment) needless part of you and you can achieve a perfect feminine silhouette. It has a front panel which is actually a "pocket" where you can tuck your "goods" inside, then flatten the panel by adjusting a strap that is attached from the pocket to the waistband - and get a wonderful mons venerice.

You can surely buy bra or panties as singles as well.

Save 9.90 €: If you do take both (bra and panties) !

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Sizes: from 80 C to 115 F

Colours: black, beige or white

Materials bra:
65% polyamide, 20% polyester, 15% spandex

Materials gaff slip:
60% Polyamid, 40% spandex

Both can be machine washed up to 40 degrees.


Your choice easy to handle
Bra  AmoLuxury "Showstar" fits for our breast forms "Ruby" and "Diamond" in size
80 - 85 C/D 4, 6, 8
80 - 85 E/F 10
90 - 95 C/D 10
90 - 95 E/F 12
100-105 C/D 12
100-105 E/F 14
110-115 C/D 14
110-115 E/F 16
Showstar Lingerie bra white, beige and black

Amoluxury Showstar white bra Amoluxury Showstar black bra



Showstar Lingerie gaff panties white, beige and black

Amoluxury Showstar white gaff panties Amoluxury Showstar black gaff panties




Perfect femininity...

Amoluxury Showstar black erotic bra and gaff panties frontview

Amoluxury Showstar black erotic bra and gaff panties sideview

Amoluxury Showstar black erotic bra and gaff panties rearview


The cut: highest quality

Amoluxury Showstar Bra cut

Amoluxury Showstar Panty cut

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white, beige, black,
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