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Lingerie Alana

Lingerie Alana
Hand-made by our tailoress
customised & unique
- Made in Germany -
Special edition "Alana"
Pocket-Bra and Gaff Panty in one series!
Especially made for you from our tailoress and it is guaranteed that this can only be purchased at Special-Trade.
All parts are combinable, so that you can create a new outfit from time to time.

2 products in Lingerie Alana


Alana Pocket Bra

Beautiful classic bra made of delicate black lace with a floral pattern. Classic and sexy at the same time.
bra size:
80-85 C/D, 80-85 E/F, 90-95 C/D, 90-95 E/F, 100-105 C/D, 100-105 E/F, 110-115 C/D, 110-115 E/F,

Alana Gaff Panty

Alana gaff panty with incorporated cache, in which the (at the moment) superfluous piece disappears and thus also in a light slip a perfect reshaping of a mons conjures.
S, M, L, XL,

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