100 Fingernails short square

100 Fingernails short square, Plastic box with with 100 nails sorted in 10 sizes Pink nailglue, Detailed directions

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description: 100 Fingernails short square

 100 Fingernails short square
intentionally designed for men's hand
Plastic box with with 100 nails sorted in 10 sizes



100 Fingernails short square - these nails are intentionally designed for men's hands - no more partially covered nails. Men's nails are completely different in size than women's nails...

Style your nails with this set in 2 easy steps.
Choose the correct size of nails, maybe adjust there shape if needed.
Shorten your own nail, push back your cuticle, smooth the body of nail with a fine file or Buffer and clean with nail polish remover or alcohol ( not included).
Put the glue on the french-nails and on the body of your own nail. Place french nail from the back to the front on your own nail and hold it gently for 5-10 sec.
Take away excessive glue with a Q-Tip or make-up pad (not included). After that varnish nails with top coat or coloured nail polish 1-2 times.

Set includes:

Plastic box with with 100 nails sorted in 10 sizes
'Pink' nailglue
Detailed directions
Wearing time lasts for approximately 10 days 

You can take the artificial nail off any time without any problems. Just shorten the nails, let acetone- based nail polish remover (or artificial nail solvent) soak into the nail and lift up with tulip wood skewer.
Remove irregularities in the surface of the nail by using a fine file or buffer.

Here you can find some more helpful advice for the application of artificial fingernails



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