TransBra Plus - Silicon Breast Bra

Perfect female breasts, Trans-Bra "Plus", the bra is the silicon breast, available breast sizes F, H, most realistic brown nipples

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description: TransBra Plus - Silicon Breast Bra

Silicon Breast Bra

"Trans-Bra Plus"

perfect female breasts

Silicon Breast Bra TransBra Plus by RedRose

Absolutely unique in design is this Trans-Bra Plus. You won't find anything available on the market which may compare to this silicon breast bra, whereby the bra itself is YOUR BREAST. Unbelievable !

The amount of breast augmentation you can achieve with this bra is equal to large, or extra large breast implants, but with the difference that you don't have to get the procedure done to your body.

As you can see on the pictures, the backside of these breasts is quite concave, so that it can be used with any own existing silicon breast and breast-size. Even if you haven't got any, or just very little breasts, you can use the included fiber pillow to adjust the back up volume as desired, and within a minute you have the breast you've always been dreaming about.

It has got transparent side and shoulder straps and an adjustable velcro back closure, and therefore can be worn under any kind of clothes without being detected, only you will know...

It's been made of medical grade external silicone to guarantee a life like consistency, mobility and touch. You can do whatever you want: Running, dancing, jumping... your silicon breast bra will always stay where it should, and you don't have to worry anymore that you could "lose your breasts", or that they move to somewhere you don't want them to be.

They move and feel like real breasts, get flat when you lay down and everybody who gets it in touch, will not feel the difference between a real breast and your Trans-Bra Plus !


cup size single breast weight (lbs / g) weight of a pair (lbs / g) length        (inch / cm) width         (inch / cm) height         (inch / cm)
F ONLY 1.4lbs / 625g ONLY 2.8lbs / 1250g 6.5" / 16.5cm  7.5" / 19cm  3.1" / 8cm
H ONLY 1.5lbs / 700g ONLY 3.0lbs / 1400g 8.3" / 21cm  9.4" / 24cm  5.1" / 13cm

Are you looking for any other nipple form or different size ? Please contact us and we will try to fulfill your wish !


 wonderful silicon breast bra

 wearing the TransBra Plus

 perfect female breast

 rear view of Trans-Bra Plus

 extra-light included fiber pillow in silicon breast bra

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