FemLine - Ultra Body

A panty made like a semi-body, using only one item can fulfill various wishes, because with this panty you achieve a huge increase in buttocks and thighs and do have as well a fully penetrable vagina!

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description: FemLine - Ultra Body

FemLine - Ultra Body
ultimate female curves
body suit with vagina - penetrable 
...a class of its own...
A panty made like a semi-body, using only one item can fulfill various wishes, because with this panty you achieve a huge increase in buttocks and thighs and have a fully penetrable vagina!
The material is always a little damp, so this gives you a good feeling on the skin.
The edges on the legs are very fine, so please always handle with care and do not tear or tug at it.
This is certainly one of the best panties you can wear to achieve the perfect female body within seconds!  Both - the appearance as well as the touch of it - is almost not to differentiate from a real female body and you can transform without any problems in a very short time.
Due to the special technology - a lifelike silicone is used - the final result is more than amazing. It fits to your body so tight, that it becomes a worry-free part of your own body.
The result is really worth seeing and in the following table you can see well what can finally be achieved.



Also, the weight of the Femline Ultra Body shows that we haven’t saved on silicone material here:
size S/M weighs app. 6 kg / 13 lb
size S/M SUPER weighs app. 9 kg / 20 lb
size L/XL weighs app. 9 kg / 20 lb
size L/XL SUPER weighs app. 14 kg / 30 lb

So all you need is the Ultra Body to have all in one go! You can certainly use other things (f.e. push up pants)  - but you do not need to. It has got a very natural bounce and wiggles and jiggles. It absorbs your body temperature and nobody will notice it not being real body while touching it!
Handling of FemLine Ultra Body is simple as well: Please make sure you have plenty of baby powder on your body. Then slip in slowly and carefully roll up bit by bit, please do not tear and tug, that could hurt the silicone! Be careful as well with fingernails or any jewelry that no holes can arise. Basically dress the way you know it from tights! :-)
The cleaning can then be done simply in the bathtub with lukewarm water and mild soap, then dab and air dry! If you want to, you can add some baby-powder inside of the body that makes it easier to slip in next time.
Another small tip (from the practical use of our customers):
Putting it on is very good with baby powder, as already explained, but best while lying down.
To take off the body it works best, if you step into the shower, use a lot of water and some shower gel - so it slips off nearly on its own. The shower gel can be used to clean the body, then dab  it with a soft towel, and turn inside out to let it dry.
Before stowing, sprinkle the inside with powder so that nothing can stick together. This will make getting dressed the next time a lot easier. Otherwise, one struggles unnecessarily and there is a risk of the Ultra Body being injured.
The moulded in vagina is penetrable. Penetration of the anus is not recommended, as the silicone is very thin at this part. The material can rupture if you are too wild ;-)
The vagina of the FemLine-Ultra Body is delivered closed. For penetration, it can be opened carefully with a sharp cutter knife according to your own wishes.
FemLine "Ultra Body" will give you a perfect feeling while wearing this extraordinary item !
While wearing "Ultra Body",  you can use the toilet like a "lady" with our catheter ring. Please note that the catheter ring must be ordered separately.
For sanitary reasons, we regret that we are unable to accept lingerie and undergarments for return. This policy is standard with all vendors of lingerie and undergarments.
FemLine Ultra Body - regular model
FemLine Ultra Body - "SUPER" model
FemLine Ultra Body - comparison regular / "SUPER" model

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