FemLine - Perfect Female Body

The FemLine Perfect Female Body is certainly one of the best prostheses you can find to achieve the ultimate, female body within seconds!

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Femline Perfect Body

description: FemLine - Perfect Female Body

FemLine - Perfect Female Body
body suit with vagina and anus - penetrable
This is certainly one of the best suits you can find to achieve the ultimate, female body within seconds!  Both - as well appearance as the touch of it - is nearly not to differentiate from a real female body and you can transform without any problems in a very short time.
Due to the special technology - a stretchy nylon support is used as base and lifelike silicone is moulded on top - the final result is more than amazing. It fits to your body so tight, that it becomes a worry-free part of your own body
All neccessary female roundings are moulded in and you can achieve:

0.5" more to your hips (for a wonderful waist)
0.75" more to each side of your buttocks
0.5" more to the back of your buttocks
0.5" more on the outside of each thigh
0.25" more on the inside of each thigh

So all you need is the Perfect Female Body to have all in one go! You can certainly use as well all other things (f.e. push up pants) you want - but you do not need to. It has got a very natural bounce
and wiggles and jiggles. It catches your body temperature and nobody will note while touching it is no real body!
Handling is simple as well: Please make sure you do have plenty of baby powder on your body. Then step in, and scroll up very gently step by step, do not tear and use your sense while taking on! :-)
Be careful as well with fingernails or any jewellery that you do not get holes in. Normally it is the same as if you put on a pantyhose. 
Cleaning works best in a bathtub with warm water and mild soap. After washing, you touch it lightly and then let air-dry. If you want to, you can add some baby-powder inside of the body, that makes it easier to slip in while taking on next time.
A small tip by the way (this is what we were told several times due to practical knowledge of our customers):
It is easy to get into the body while using the baby powder as suggested - best to get in is, while you lay down.
To remove the body it works out best, if you step into the shower, use a lot of water and some shower gel - so it slips off nearly on it own.
The shower gel can be used to clean the body, then wipe it with a soft terry towel, and turn inside off to let it dry.
This is what we were told several times due to practical knowledge of our customers.
After towling, leave the body to dry on its own (best would be overnight if possible) and powder inside again before you store it away to make sure, it will not conglutinate.
So it is much more easy to get into it when you use it next time.

The moulded in vagina and the anus are both penetrable and the stretchy nylon liner makes them both very strong.
Available sizes: 
"S"   26" - 30"
"M"  30" - 34"
"L"   34" - 38"
"Perfect Female Body" will give you an unbelievable feeling while wearing this extraordinary item !
While wearing "Perfect Female Body", you can use the toilet like a "lady" with our catheter ring (please select here).
Please note: due to protection of minors we are not allowed to show any photos containing youth endangering contents.
If you do confirm, that you are at least 18 years old, you can click here and we can send you further photos of our FemLine Perfect Body.
For sanitary reasons, we regret that we are unable to accept lingerie and undergarments for return. This policy is standard with all vendors of lingerie and undergarments.

without Perfect Female Bodywithout Perfect Female Body
without Perfect Female Bodywithout Perfect Female Body
claudia-perfect-body-2-large.jpgwith Perfect Female Body
with Perfect Female Body

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