Nikki - ultimate attachable silicone Butt & Hip Pads

These ultimate Nikki pads for the hips and butt give you the opportunity to achieve the beloved hourglass figure without much effort.

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description: Nikki - ultimate attachable silicone Butt & Hip Pads

Nikki - ultimate attachable silicone Butt & Hip Pads
These ultimate Nikki pads for the hips and butt give you the opportunity to achieve the beloved hourglass figure without much effort.
You will have lifelike hops and a great butt!
Per side is a "gain" of app. 8cm(3 inches) is given - so about 16cm (6 inches) more hip and butt!
Because they are self-adhesive, they can be worn without further support. If that still is not enough for you,
You can achieve an even more secure hold with the Hollister spray. So a bombproof grip is guaranteed.
Of course you can adjust the skin tone at any time with a body make-up and hide transitions if necessary.
The edges are very, very finely worked, so that you can hardly note a transition to your own skin.
The wearing time is not limited, so that it can be worn up to 24 hours a day, without causing any irritations.
Our Nikki pads are crafted with the no-membrane technology. This means that they can be worn overnight without any problem, as they can't burst.
The silicone completely absorbs the body temperature and nobody will notice that it is not your own skin.
The length is done in such a way that you can easily wear short skirts and shorts.
The ultimate transformation effect is achieved in interaction with our Jolie thigh and hip pads.
Both articles in combination form the absolute dream body that every woman is dreaming of.
The application is very simple, but please note the following before the Nikki pads are taken on:
1. Showers and remove as much hair as possible
2. Dry well and do not apply creams, lotions or deodorant
3. Apply Stay Dry on the thigh, let it dry well
4. For a secure grip, spray a thin layer of Hollister adhesive in the middle of the pads and allow to apply for approx. 5 minutes it should be sticky, but not wet!
5. Apply Skin Tac Wipe directly on the thigh and wait about 30 seconds until the area is sticky
6. Now put on the Nikki pads and press firmly and hold until you realize that it is liable
7. Then lie down for about 30 minutes and if possible exercise a little pressure to increase the adhesive power
8. Take a look in the mirror and admire yourself
Delivered in a beautiful storage box and a care kit which includes:

One 2 oz bottle of Breast Form Wash
One 2 oz bottle of Stay Dry Barrier Spray
10 reusable Skin Tac Wipes for additional adhesion

Certainly the best butt and hip pads you will find on the market.
100% handmade!
We give 1 year manufacturer's warranty on the article.
For sanitary reasons, we regret that we are unable to accept lingerie and undergarments for return. This policy is standard with all vendors of lingerie and undergarments.

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